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Charter of Rights and Call to Action to Address the Needs of Older People with Diabetes

 Prepared for the International Diabetes Diabetes Federation, 2015

Following the successful completion of the Global Guideline on managing older people with type 2 diabetes, the co-chairs of the writing group (Prof Trisha Dunning, Geelong, Australia; Prof Alan Sinclair, UK) went onto prepare a Charter and Call to Action to champion the rights of older people with diabetes. The Charter and Call to Action was specifically designed to highlight older peoples’ rights and the key issues where strong advocacy on older peoples’ behalf is needed.  Although prepared for the IDF, it has not been officially launched yet but it is hoped that it can be used with the IDF Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes (2013).  The expectations are that both documents can be used with or integrated into new and existing policies, services and audit processes.